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Which fence is right for me?

Incense Cedar

Incense-cedar is the most common type of fencing that we sell and it’s also the type of fencing that we recommend. Incense-cedar is resistant to rot, decay and other damages it may be exposed to in weather especially here in Colorado. Because incense cedar is so smooth it can easily be stained and looks incredible if left natural. We always keep a stock of incense cedar on grounds and can always order more if needed.

Western Red Cedar

A lot of times customers will think that western red cedar is held at a higher rank compared to incense cedar. This, however, is not true because western red cedar is more expensive and tends to require more care. Western red cedar is also more tricky to get our hands on as we have to order it on an order by order basis. We don’t stock this type of cedar on grounds.

Treated Wood

We tend to not recommend treated wood to our clients as an alternative to incense cedar. Treated wood is much harder to care for and depending on the environment where you live issues can arise such as cracking, warping, splitting, etc. Treated wood is also on the pricier side and wants to recommend styles of fencing that are in the best interest of our customer and their budget.

At the end of the day, you are the only person who will be able to determine which type of fencing is best for you and your family or clients. Before you move forward with a certain style of fencing take your time to conduct all the research possible and to ask all the questions. We recommend working with one of our fencing specialists who can help guide you in the right direction and give you all the information you may possibly need.

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